Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront – How to Kill Tiger 1 (Mid Era)

How to Defeat Tiger I

A common complaint is how difficult it is to destroy a German Tiger I in the mid war game. So don’t feel alone in your frustrations.

The Soviet 57mm ZIS-2 can pen it from the front. That’s one of the few guns that can. The 85mm is good as well but you need to move it into range and it’s a big slow moving target.

You can use artillery or other weapons to track it and then destroy it with an airstrike but AA guns might shoot down the plane.

You can try and swarm it with infantry but if you are in a PvP game with anyone who knows how to play the game expect your infantry to die.

In PvP the Tiger I is a doctrine unit and a single player can only get one and only if the chose the offensive doctrine. They don’t have enough DP for two.

This is their key unit on the whole battlefield and they aren’t going to let you destroy it without a massive fight.

It also has a long range gun so don’t expect them to put it up the front where your infantry can swarm it.

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