Barony – Minotaur Tips

Tips for Minotaur

Minotaur has a chance to appear if a player or party takes too long on a floor. Minotaur takes about 5 mins to show up, in the last minute ZAP Brigade can sometimes clutch up and arrive, if you stay around them and recruit them they will obliterate it. However, spawning Minotaur can also trigger a chain reaction where the next floor will spawn one; just cut your losses and rush through one floor.

An extremely helpful tip is that side dungeons (purple portal (not underworld)) will not spawn the Minotaur so you can loot as long as you’d like if you find one and there is no current threat of one spawning.

First floor is notorious for spawning Minotaur upon leaving due to classes with zero appraisal skill trying to lag around and identify everything before leaving, the mechanic is there for balancing and to hustle you along, you seriously don’t need to be spending that much time looting around, just grab the shiny things and leave. By the time you are at floor 15 your pockets will be packed and you will probably get tired of appraising all the 1000 gold gems and steel gear lying around literally everywhere.

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