ASTLIBRA Revision – General Tips for New Players

If you dont explore, sometimes things like the Arena are not in your radar.

Newbies Tips

  • Open the Menu and read the “that I need to be done” tip at the bottom center of the screen when you are lost.
  • You dont need to put effort in combo count. Its a plus, but nothing more.
  • The Possesion are Elemental creature you summon: You can put an option in this creature menu to turn on/off the “stop time”, so when you are in the middle of a combo, press and maintain the button and use the combination to invoke the creature you want.
  • Items and gold: if you can buy 99 of healing items, go for it and consume it when needed.
  • Use-the Grow-menu.
  • The Libra menu is your friend: you can put items at the 2 sides, dont need to be 100/100 to show effects. You can use items with same effect but different grade. Same grade effect don’t stack.
  • Jump: you can combo the sky attack + double jump for more altitude
  • Combos: Start to integrate the possesions with the basic attack. When you have the sky and the dive attack, the fire and ice elemental gonna be epic.
  • Arrow: Use-the-arrows!!! a lot of things gonna clic when you shoot em.
  • Lv Up your items and go back for old ones: get in of your confort zone, more or less def/damage versus quality of life really is a good trade.
  • Some key items can be used in various chapters: Example, you gonna need to open a “secret door” with a key item. If you are atentive, the same kind of door gonna appear in a lo of places… use the same key item.
  • AGI status at 30-40 points gonna be a game changer: this is, for me, the best start status you need to put your points at Lv Up.
  • The Tree branch and Electric Scepter are your friends: You going to need time, a lot of time to lv UP them. But if you use the “30-40 point AGI”… you gonna melt bosses.

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