Renryuu: Ascension – World Maps (Events, Treasures, POI)


Locations are arranged alphabetically after being categorized by country.

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  1. Academy
  2. Aldlyn
  3. Archery Range
  4. Bakery
  5. Barracks
  6. Big Farm
  7. Bitterroot Farm
  8. Black Temple
  9. Blue Villa
  10. Brothel
  11. Calbridge Stronghold
  12. Deep Mine
  13. Ebron
  14. Graveyard
  15. Havaria Port
  16. Kay’s Farm
  17. Laboratory
  18. North Dungeon
  19. Parverhill
  20. Police HQ
  21. Red Keep
  22. Shrine of Flunis
  23. South Dungeon
  24. Storage near Red Keep
  25. Thremten
  26. University
  27. Witton
  28. Work Area


  1. Army Camp
  2. Broken Fort
  3. Crysthaven
  4. Manastyr
  5. Tower of Ash
  6. Volcano
  7. Yang Tower
  8. Yin Tower


  1. Calterburry
  2. Dhranholl Mine
  3. Diminus Castle
  4. Fision Tower
  5. Igloo
  6. Ironholm prison
  7. Jade Cave
  8. Meddling Castle
  9. Millwater
  10. Norhall Stronghold
  11. Old Ashton
  12. Pumumu
  13. Skylo Tower
  14. Snowruin
  15. Spire of Courage
  16. The Drunken Cave
  17. Twin Ale Tower
  18. Whisperwind Farm
  19. Whitestone Citadel
  20. Wooden House


  1. Abandoned elf village
  2. Black Lair
  3. Bordertower 1
  4. Bordertower 2
  5. El Arma Gravesite
  6. Greencoast Tower
  7. Kagabangui
  8. Lalizan
  9. Lualombo
  10. Minsk Harbour
  11. Newkungu
  12. Old Lualombo Ruins
  13. Orchel
  14. Poisonwood Keep
  15. Rakake
  16. Seaside Tower
  17. Sinasoka
  18. Sinrul Mansion
  19. Siriveta
  20. Sunee
  21. Tajurata Fort

The Forgotten Brexeet Isles

  1. Base Camp

Events: When Brad had his class change to martial artist, he can train water element skills with the brawler Tsiom at the base camp.

Treasures: Chest (Defense Up) in the big tent.

  1. Volcano island

Events: There is a mighty red salamander at the bottom of the area, who is much stronger than usual red salamanders, but also drops a lot of gold, a skillstone, and a love potion. There are four treasure spots in this area, which you can loot once you got the right hint from Shirinsya in Havaria Port. Check the FAQ for a solution of the riddles and treasure locations.

Treasures: Chest (40,000 gold) in the top right corner Chest (Resist Up) in the bottom left corner.

  1. Dry riddle island

Events: Once all orbs are glowing, a treasure chest appears at the bottom of the area. The color of the orbs show which other orbs they activate or deactivate when you interact with them: – Red = The orbs activate each other clockwise. – Yellow = Counter clockwise – Green = Opposite site – Blue = Corners over cross, middle for themselves.

  1. Big tree with forest

Events: This area is part of the quest “The Forgotten Brexeet Isles.” You need to find three switches in the labyrinth in the top right and interact with them in the right order to make an opening appear in the big tree. Below the tree you’ll find a dungeon where you need to press colored buttons to make crystals of the same color disappear. But they only disappear for a short amount of time, so you need to hurry.

Treasures: Chest (3x Expensive Necklace) in the top Chest (5x Iron) on the left side Chest (Agility Up) on the right side Chest (Strength Up) in a remote area, which you can only access once during the events with Sandra.

  1. Big tree

Events: A 6 color combination is randomly generated when you enter the map, and can be seen when you interact with the yellow smoke. Once you memorized (or wrote down) the combination, you can interact with the orbs in the top left corner in the same order to get the reward. Rewards are either gold, a love potion, or a skillstone. Can be repeated endlessly, by going to Central and back to the island.

  1. Stone riddle island

Events: You need to push stones away to get to a cave, in which you need to solve a switch riddle, to get a bit treasure chest at the end. Check the FAQ for a solution of the riddles.

Treasures: Chest (Luck Up) in the top right corner Hole (40,000 gold) in the bottom left corner Hole (40,000 gold) in the bottom right corner.

  1. Abandoned house

Events: Inside the house are several diary pages that you can read to get hints about how to solve some of the riddles on other islands. You can find a Resist Up inside the broken box in the bottom left corner of the house.

  1. Fairy Oasis

Events: There are unqiue fairy enemies in this area. Their Strange Fairy Dust drop is necessary to obtain the treasure of this island. You need to put at least 5 dust into the flame in the center of the area to make the treasure in the hole in the north obtainable. All dust you have your inventory is removed when you put it into the flame, even if you have way more than 5.

  1. Broken Tower

Events: On the first floor, you need to get through the location of the hexagons while they’re not glowing. There is an invisible hexagon trap directly below the mirror in the top right corner. On the second floor, you need to move the black and white stones with the four swtiches to open the path to the treasure. Using the teleports will change which stone you move with the switches.

  1. Dark Cave

Treasures: Big treasure chest (75,000 gold, 3x TP Potion, 4x Goldbar, 10x Iron, 4x Jewel, and 3x Love Potion) on the right side Chest (Magic Up) in the top right corner Chest (Mana Up) in the bottom left corne.

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