Alina of the Arena – Tips for Act 3 Bosses

Useful Combat Tips

How to even beat act 3 bosses?

Depending on the boss, they have various mechanics that allow you to manage their big attacks.

Sometimes the answer is ‘trade some HP to survive for another moveset cycle where you can do damage,’ sometimes the answer is an interrupt move or to break their guard.

Sometimes you just don’t and have to accept that the big damage moves act like a battle timer and you need to win before then.

The knight in particular has a lengthy set of moves and HP triggers that he cycles through before he starts just spamming massive hits each round, and learning how to beat him relies a lot on understanding which steps in his chain need to be interruped/guardbroken, how much damage you need to do before X trigger, and how much you need to ramp up before the home stretch.

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