Aground Zero – Newbies Tips and Helpers Info

Tips for New Players

Here some beginner tips!

Dont free everyone you find! After getting a bunker you only get 4 slots so your first rescues should be:

  1. Soldier – Because pistol for the annoying bats.
  2. Either miners – Because Mining Rig for infinite ores.
  3. Andromeda – Because meat tree gives you a food that regen health.

Dont free everyone before meeting scavenger! It will bug the friend quest!

Here are all 8 of the helpers and what you get:

  • Opal: Miner unlocks Mining Drill
  • Sesame: Hydroponics (cook) unlocks wheat and sugar
  • Benedict: Cook unlocks (nothing?)
  • Gunner: Sniper (soldier) unlocks info about guns
  • Grainne: Farmer (cook) unlocks (nothing?)
  • Andromeda: Food Scientist unlocks Meat Trees, Milk
  • Alfredo: Cook unlocks (nothing?)
  • Sandy: Miner unlocks (I assume mining drill if you don’t have it yet).
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