Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Tips for Act 2 Mission 5

How to Beat Act 2 Mission 5

  1. Run through and get all four camps with Edwin and your starting army units asap. Pause the game to let him tank during tough situations while you heal your other injured units away from the action. Don’t bother sending Edwin any additional troops (I don’t think I ended up training more than 10 additional troops or less). Spend all spare gold and wood on at least 3 stone walls and ballistas (if you start with the rightmost camp you can start building ballistas pretty soon in the level). After the final wave spawns, you can add cheap wood walls for additional defense.
  2. The second you clear a spot with stone on it, pause the game and build a stone camp. Stone is how you will beat this level (walls + ballistas).
  3. The nightmares only enter through two points for me; the center and the right. I built 3 stone wall rows each there; two more wood walls for 5 total with 4 ballistas behind each (8-9 total ballistas). Remember that you only need to kill 1500 units; you cant hold the whole wave, I think. And Keep Edwin alive! Run him away from the keep before it falls…
  4. From the village rewards, I got the ballista, the farm, the upgraded defense tower, and I forget what else. The ballistas will save your ass; there isn’t enough iron in the map for the elite archers IMO.

Good luck!

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