Toren – Cheats

This tutorial contains a list of ingame cheats for Toren games.

Enable Cheats

Once you are in the main menu press on your keyboard this combination:

  • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

If done correctly and quickly enough it will prompt a message that the cheat code has been activated, as demonstrated in this screenshot below:

Cheats List

Now you can make use of the following cheats, mostly to speedup the game.

Press Key / Effect

  • 1 – Game Speed 1.0x
  • 2 – Game Speed 1.5x
  • 3 – Game Speed 2.0x
  • 4 – Game Speed 3.0x
  • 5 – Game Speed 5.0x
  • 6 – Game Speed 10x
  • 7 – Game Speed 0.5x
  • F9 – Show debug stats.
  • F10 – Show debug stats and dump them.
  • Comma (,) – Show next debug stats.

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