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Weapon Rating Guide

Now after conquer all maps and entering Apo. levels I would like discuss experience with weapons – mostly to see if there is some consensus or tips/Ideas how utilize weapons better (maybe perks how make them viable? etc)

First of all I would like to discusss Specialist perk – for me it is no brainer, picking it 100% time when it is available – 50% damage and extra usage of weapon attacks is simply too strong. I tried some combinations (eg. shortbow + longbow) but barely found them useful – either there is no reason for switch to other weapon to utilize available AP{ or they benefit from different bonuses (like isolation vs momentum) to good enough. I simply cna not find real situation that would justify combo different weapons instead take specialist for such major boost.


S Tier

Pistol – probably best weapon in game, excellent in offhand too for 2 extra attacks. My most powerful builds ever were dual pistols – with extra range and enough AP + MP he move around like devil one shot multiple hard targets in single turn, never get harmed as he easily pass lkong distances by grappling to safety. Only draw is single AOE but it is usually enough to clear whole group. I can usually defend one side of wall with one of such char + defenses only and he easily outshine anyone rest of the team. Also consume almost no mana, allowing extra scrolls to spend his daily gain.

A Tier

Shortbow – great weapon overall, many single targets that need no special condition, 2x AOE, reliable in msot situation. Range cna be always increased evne though it stay lower than longbow or rifle, not well suited for static defense but also one of most realible damege dealer overall – one of cons is that use all abilkities on max he consume lot of mana every turn. (which cna be solved by extra regen or potions though)

Longbow – longest range usually but too much dependant on isolation bonus which is not always viable without it the damage is not so good. Snipeshot is not so superb at all either (talking about lvl 12+ with gear where is is not sufficient to take down advanced/elite enemies – things what eg chars with momentum bonus can do). At least AOE is somehow decent, can even clear or at least stun 2 mobs groups which is fine.

B Tier

Rifle – similar as longbow but no isolation need on regular attack (required for Assasinate though) good damage but again not so good enough late game to one shot all harder enemies + it cost 2 AP. Hip shot miss too often and Suppresive fire is mostly just debuff. usually char with rifle pickup few harder targets every turn but overall he lack behind what other ranged do. Ultimate boss killer with focusing all shots to isolated target though.

C Tier

Crossbow – need of narrow attack is really bad as it is often to position well, also heavy shot accurascy penalty sucks. implaing and expklosive can do good AOE but thats about it. Straight shot is good standard atatck but no bonus – nothing that other ranged cna not do much better.

Hand crossbow – can not find good usage for this. I ahve yet to see Multi-hit weapon/char to work. In theory it is great but never I ahd good character enough for it to shine. Single target poison is meh, Blaze is great but propagation is also bit unrealiable.I believe this is weapon that can work betetr but so far no luck for me.


S Tier

One handed hammer. The first melee weapon and stays the best. I had several really great hammer users that kills and stuns dozens of enemies every turn being able keep their side of wall safe and laugh to hordes of enemies that surrounds them (well untill magic users or spearmens comes in:p Good to add sword to off hand for extra mobility or sokme ncie shields with extra bonuses and Boom is king, allowing them to clear groups byb single AP hit even on range. 2 hammer users were what won Elderlicht map for me. Literally – 10 AP, 15 MP they were moving around kiilling waves of enemies and pushing vessels down.

A Tier

One handed sword. Able to raise really high single damage thanks momentum and good mobility around but I often struggle have good position to hit all enemies enemies + free spot to land rush and dash efficient way. Still it is better melee for sure.

B Tier

Spear – Maybe if i would play with spear more I would rate i higher, really high damage output with couple AOE or mulkti attacks. The msot I tried worked very well, way better than all other 2 hand weapons for sure.

Dagger – also tried only little, the melee isolation sucks but both ranbged attacks worked. Though I still think instead close range melee why not build ranged char instead…

C Tier

Axe, 2h-axe, 2h-sword,. Sledgehammer – eeehh, ok. I think I miss something with those. All has low damage (especially considering 2h so no shield or offhand), opaque siutuational attacks with sepcific area of hit, AP expensive… not like high level char can not work with those, but no matter what I tried, build character with any other weapon always brought significantly better result.


S Tier

Tome – major draw is mana usage 9again solvable witth potions somehow), but fireball + Lighting strike cna do so much work in single run, cleaning rest with shadow bolts. I am not good in using debuffs but taking high resistance buffs helps.

A Tier

Druid staff – once build poison high enough (300%…) and enough propagation it is easy. kill ~30+ enemies of all tiers per turn. it helps poison has its own perk tree. Centepide with opportunism helps kill elite targets once poisoned (and even better + stunned). At high levels my Druid staff users became most powerful group damage dealers clearing great enemy numbers every turn (also coutnering some enmy aoe buff). Only bad if enemy happens be in too small groups for poison propagation.

Scepter – another momentum weapon that allow build up large damage and with enough AP + MP can clear couple enemies every turn + hammer of faith with propagation to hit groups. Still it lack behind pistol due absence of grappling and less reliable group targeting. Good it is single hand allowing complement offhand option or shield.

B Tier

Wand – again multi hit weapon I was unable to build good character for. Without it the base attack is just… basic.It works but no extra bonus.

Orb -the Aoe poison is nowhere clsoe what Druid staff does. Death ray need extra positioning which cna be iften tricky to achieve and basic attack is fro isolation bonus – good for isolated targets but worse than longbow for the purpose. At least offer second ahnd to complement with something a bit.

C Tier


D Tier

Power staff.. like what. I am not sure but almost melee mage is not good Idea imho, the damage is low, debuff to accuracy bit useless. Stunning entrance super situational and stun chance low. The AOE stays but even lvl 14 magic dealer with power staff he lacked behind all other chars a lot. Maybe it is not so much worse than 2h melee but it was very dissapointing for me. It needs various “melee” stats that dont benefit from… just really strange weapon i have hard time to justify use so imho the worst weapon overall.

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  1. Longbow is kinda dog. In some niche situations its nice to have as a backup weapon if you need to jump in a tower and fire across the map for some reason, but the 1 hand xbow definitely needs to be higher on your list. Beyond having multiple clutch abilities, its #1 slot bypasses armour entirely. 8-9 action points on a character with 5-8 multishot and you can literally machine gun mow down the tankiest mobs in the game.

    Sceptor is definitely S tier and arguably the best weapon in the game. Power staff is a pain in the ass, I also didn’t enjoy using it, but it can definitely be powerful. I also prefer the orb over the staff for poison builds. The druid staff is a better weapon, but I like the control I get from the orb, don’t need to factor in the bounce effect going in the wrong direction or being goofy.

    I agree with your physical melee weapons though. Loved 1 hammer, loved 1h sword maybe even more. Didnt hate dagger. Had a rough time getting most of the 2 handed weapons to work out, just really like the offhand weapon combos with reload to give you a 2nd free shot.

    Specialist perk is strong but i don’t agree with it being a mandatory pick. That 50% damage and an extra use comes at the cost of 2 stat slots and a whole lot of utility (tossing a weapon with + action points, movement or multishot bonuses in there can all scale better then a flat 50% boost). Sometimes you want a teleportation orb, or sceptor in your pocket for mobility casts. On appoc 1 it probably doesn’t seam as important as it will in higher difficulties.

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