The Island of Dr. Yepstein – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

In this guide, we will show you all the cheat codes in The Island of Dr. Yepstein game. These cheats can give you money, special abilities, items and even immortality (God Mode).

Remember to save your progress before using the cheat codes just in case!

How to Enable Console

Just press [~] Tilde key and type following codes.

Console Commands (Cheats)

  • clar – Give all.
  • melv – Spawn helicopter.
  • lem1 / lem0 – God Mode on/off.
  • ray1 / ray0 – Fly Mode on/off.
  • olaf – Speed Mode.
  • hud1 / hud0 – HUD on/off.
  • save – Save game.
  • load – Load game.
  • reset – Delete all player data.

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