TaliVan – Beginner Tips

People have said this game is difficult. Sure, for some the controls may take some getting used too, but once you get the hang of them the game becomes cheek clenching; in an intense fun way!

Tips for New Players

If you’re struggling, practice on “Boring Training” a few times, get some cash from completing the level and the challenges; then upgrade! Remember, upgrades make it easier! (EXCEPT the first two population upgrades, as a low level car will slide due to the back weight of the 1st trailer).

The challenge targets are purposely low (except perfect win) so new players earn cash quicker. The stats only update if you complete the level.

The AI are dumb! Trick them into explosives, walls or each other. They travel in a straight line towards you, disregarding anything in their way.

  • R – Restart level.
  • Q – Quit to main menu.
  • Space – Break! (Use them!).
  • Left Shift – Boost (once unlocked).
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