SYNCED – Going Solo PVE Tips

If going solo here few tips I think you find helpful.

Tips to Going Solo PVE

  • Never forgot about your sync as it can distract and damage enemies during times you need heal.
  • Make sure weapon you go in with is one your good with as this could make or break runs especially in certain levels (I know since I literally have gotten all my victories against bosses thank to gun I decide bring).
  • Grab Guardian sync since it not only good for distracting enemies but you have shield when shooting if you don’t have it deployed.
  • Make sure dodge roll if boss get in close and keep bosses at distance as they will do a lot damage up close.
  • Cover is key in some boss fights as it will allow you heal without worrying if going get attack when boss does range attacks.
  • Pick the healer character and never use the heal. Only save it for the res when you are about to die.
  • Buy medpacks! In co-op we ignore them cause others res us but in solo we need them ! So always keep a banq of 800 pts to buy more just in case.
  • Guardian mod perk nano arm mode has a potential to save your life if you receive a lethal dmg, converting the lethal dmg done to you to his hp bar.
  • Guardian double shield blocks your shots and ally members.
  • Ads and aiming mode are 2 different kinds aiming mode lets you use nano arm ability’s.
  • Crusher is really good in taunting adds / semi bosses but can’t distract bosses.
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