Sword of Aragon – How to Get All 500 Points

Warning! There might be alot of spoilers.

Complete Points Guide

  • 5 Defeat Orcs invading Allada.
  • 10 Kill the Cyclops
  • 10 Kill the Minotaur
  • 10 Marinia: wait until Malacon is sent on “Patrol”
    • Then approach from south. Talk to Malacon. Agree to help suppress the “mob” in exchange for vassalship.
  • 0 Goblin camp NE of Marina. There’s no way to rescue girl.
  • 10 River crossing to Paritan. Wait until Pitlag invades Brocada before approaching either city.
  • 15 Paritan. There’s no way to stop Pitlag from escaping, even it you completely surround the city and kill the Pitlag unit.
  • 10 Old man at crossing after defeat of Paritan.
  • 15 Brocada. After Pitlag has invaded, join up with the remnants of Petrov’s army, waiting just south of town. They will become a vassal.
  • 0 Nuralia. No points to get, but siege is desirable.
    • Next turn, add reinforcements to siege including your primary character, this promotes surrender, and you should accept the vassal.
  • 0 Pitlag camp SE of Paritan, in the mountains.
  • 0 Tranavan Elves. Leave them alone. However, if Aladda increases investments in logging, the Elf ambassador will ask you to voluntarily cut back (so to speak). Agreeing makes them friendly, and will eventually offer to ally with you when you attack Paritan. Your attack will then include some Elf bowmen.
    • Note: If you wait forever then Pitlag will eventually “surprise” attack Aladda. You get 45 points when you win, but lose the total of 50 for Paritan etc. above. If you really do get surprised, then strategy games are not for you!
  • 5 Giants at ford to Sur Nova.
  • 5 Sur Nova. Be sure to get there by road from Allada.
  • 0 Priests W of Sur Nova.
  • 10 Monastery, on road several squares East of Sur Nova, then South one or two squares. Trust the monks.
  • 0 Orcs and Wizards in southern tip of the Elf woods. There are no hints to their existence. Location is about a few squares SE of Allada, and several squares NE of Sur Nova. Once taken, you can garrison all the small cities north and east of Sur Nova each with only 20 men.
  • 50 Dragon, defending SW approach to Gernock.
  • 50 Gernock; you get the crown. Recommend that you do not attempt to keep a garrison here.
  • 0 Tentula.
  • 10 Char, so long as you invade and take Tentula first then you get the “Wand of the Lake Goddess”. If you bypass Tentula and take Char first, then Tentula will offer to be a vassel, but you don’t get the wand and don’t get the points. This approach is out of character compared to the other cities that you take.
    • Don’t bother keeping this city.
  • 10 Khalikha Horsebowmen. There is no city. To get these points, you have to get a very rare encounter with the horsemen, when they are under attack by the Trolls. Attempt to rescue them. These horsemen reveal themselves as Jantri’s rival clan, but, since you rescued them, are “Honor bound” to make peace with you and you allies, which includes Jantri. This clears the way for him to unite the tribes, which occurs a couple turns later. This encounter must take place after you agree to be Jantri’s ally (usually he sends an emmissary after you take Sur Nova). To get this rare encounter, you want to march up and down the road about a third of the way from Sur Nova to Zarnix.
  • 25 Troll Home, which is in the mountains, up a path off the Sur Nova-Zarnix road.
  • 0 Xafanta. Somewhere along the way they offer to help to help you take out Zarnix. After the offer, they assist in the surprise battle in the pass West of Zarnix.
  • While the dwarves are you allies, defeating Xafanta will get you 84,000. There is only one entry into the city, so the best strategy is picking off their army with the Pyro spell. Taking the city over and over will solve all of your economic issues.
  • 20 Zarnix. They come out to attack you.
  • 50 Amulet, N of Zarnix. Its a few squares up the road, then off to the west. Be brave, go on in.
  • 0 Demi-God Aragon. This fellow is on the road East of Zarnix, advising you to get the Amulet before proceeding. He’s not there if you already have the Amulet (There is another criteria, but I forget what it is.).
    • If you want to, you can fight him.
    • This is a fabulous “deed”, but not worth any points.
  • 20 Lucedia. There appears to be more than one way to do this.
    • I bypass Lucedia and go after Dersh. Then defeat the “Evil” forces of Lucedia which lay in ambush on the road leading back from Dersh. Then march into Lucedia. Note: you can bypass Lucedia when going North-to-South, but cannot bypass it going South-to-North.
  • 60 Dersh; you get the scepter. Don’t bother keeping this city.
  • 15 Pudawala will offer to ally with you after being attacked by Sothold.
    • Take the river crossing between Sothold and Pudawala to get the points.
  • 10 Sothold. You’ll be approached by the daughter of the former leader on the road leading to the city. Offer them money, then lay siege to Sothold.
    • It should fall in a couple of turns and become a vassal.
  • 0 Medeval. There is no interaction with these Elves of the East, so you may as well stay out of the woods. In fact, this might be the hardest city to take in the game because they decimate you with bowmen and spells.
  • 10 Estalla. They will agree to ally with you to attack Tetrada, but it’s a trick and their forces will attack you in Tetrada.
  • 40 Tetrada.
  • 25 You united the East and West Realms; you are the rightful king; Congratulations; end of game.

500 points

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