Sea of Stars – Tips for Wheel Game

Tips for Newcomers

You’ll see that Knight requires the least amount of notches to get their turn (3 notches = 5 icons or something, or 3 + 3 + 3, or 4 + 3) and can deal strong crown/bulwark damage, but are easily blocked by any bulwark from actually securing the KO. However, due to acting so quickly they can level up and possibly just bomb spam your victory.

Mages require the most amount of notches, but are powerful by being able to deplete bulwarks easily and hit the crown irregardless of bulwark, twice if they have none. Easily the best unit in the game due to its availability.

The other 4 heroes have a moderate amount of notches to act.

Archers have high crown damage but weak bulwark damage, but can shoot over any bulwarks that are 2 or lower.

Engineers have low crown damage but high bulwark damage to wall out Archers and Knights and can raise the bulwark with each action, but are moreso favorable for the enemy.

As is, you’re looking at a Mage > Engineer (beats itself) > Archer & Knight advantage system.

Priests can heal your HP and reduce the notches on your hero, being another good pick.

Assassin you’ll get last, and is obnoxious to deal with. They’ll deal true crown damage regardless of bulwark and delay your heroes from even acting, which is bad because the enemy acts before you do, so you can be robbed of your turns if focusing on just one hero if RNG really hates you (it will). Pair this with a Priest and they’ll just keep getting turns, leveling up to gold, and when they level up as gold rank they’ll deal more true crown damage via bombs.

So now it’s looking like Priest > Mage & Assassin > Engineer (beats itself) > Archer & Knight kind of advantage system, as healing is the only way to deal with enemy Mages and Assassins. Counter your enemy accordingly. Knight & Archer aren’t irredeemable, as their high firepower can out DPS those first 3 roles (Priest, Mage, Assassin) if the enemy has a pairing between them (and you set up bulwarks against the Mage), so experiment for what works best for you.

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