Satisfactory – Building Tips for Newbies

How to Start Building

Just build. You will tear down your starter factory anyway. Don’t be afraid of rebuilding your factory in the early game.

There’s simultaneously infinite space and you always seem to allocate to little for your factories.

Just be creative, machines go everywhere.

Sky-factories are popular, as they can expand in all directions but usually look weird af.

If you are worried that your resource deposits will run out: No need to. They are infinite.

How to see the factory in a top-down view

Fairly early on in the tech progression, the game provides a “lookout tower” (24m high) specifically for the purpose of providing an aerial view to make it easier to layout your factory.

You could activate Adavced Settings and enable flight mode to have a top down perspective.

But it’s a massive change, alters the game experience dramatically.

Examples of Building Strat

I build modular factories using the blueprint designer. Each module is 4x4x4 foundations and I leave at least 1 foundation space between the modules for movement. I build module-towers dedicated to each required material. I have all resources coming in from a distribution layer below the base floor and all produced materials are also sent back down into the distribution layer.

For example a basic screw factory:

  • One tower with smelters for ingots, gets ore from below and sends ingots back down
  • One tower with constructors for rods, gets ingots from below and sends rods back down
  • One tower with constructors for screws, gets rods from below and sends screws back down

I sometimes vary this approach depending on the specific requirements of the factory:

Example 1

If I require a base product for different follow-up productions and the total amount is >780, I might build dedicated base towers for each follow-up product. This could be 1500 wire being used for a combination of stators, stitched plates and cable.

Example 2

If I only require a small amount of an intermediate product and it is only required for one follow-up product, I might stack these towers and send the intermediate product up instead of down. This could be 100 wire being turned into 50 cable.

Not super aesthetic but very efficient and easy to manage, especially if you put up signs for inputs and outputs.

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