Sailing Era – Barmaid Quest Rewards

All the barmaid quests and what ever quest gives you as its final reward. 

Barmaid Quest Rewards

CamilleMarseillesTulip Brooch (+1 organization +2 biology) & Camille (bottle of wine, seems to be a gift?) – Brooch gives extra +3 organization on Beatrice.
JulianneLisbonSextant (+2 mapping) – Sextant gives extra +1 mapping and +1 geography on Joyce.
VeraVeniceEtruscan Necklace (+2 steering +1 organization)
LatiaMalaccaNapier’s Bones (+2 calculating +1 organization) – Garaba Reunion Quest.
PriyaAthensVelvet Coat (+2 leadership) & 3 marble statues (trade good)
MerriamIstanbulSipahi Armor (+80 hp)
Nubu KasheliAlexandriaThebes Necklace (+2 firearm +1 mapping)
MonicaSevilleRecruit Castello (has ability that unlocks sweet talk interaction with bar maids. Random chance for -20 favorability or +50)
ShalinSt. GeorgeLute (+2 music)
EminMuscatPelican Brooch (+1 culinary +2 repair)
KanamCalicutBlue Bird Bracelet (+2 mapping +1 shipbuilding) – Holi Questline, leads to recruting Sassi Palmis.
Gu WanZhangzhouJadeite Golden Ring (+2 firearm +1 sail control)
SakurakoNagasakiShakuhachi (+2 music) & Folding fan (seems to be a gift item)
AndreaVeracruzRed Coral Choker (+1 observation +2 culinary)
AstridStockholmArmlet (+2 steering)
MargaritaAmsterdamSea Amber Necklace (+1 organization +2 brawling)
TheresaHamburgGladiator Armor (+120 hp +2 brawling)
DaisyLondonScholar flat cap (+1 humanities +1 treasure) – Flat cap gives extra +1 geography +1 humanities +1 biology on William.
ValentinaHavanaEagle Warrior Armor (+55 hp) – Can be obtained from expedition events also. Has extra +1 leadership and +1 brawling on Jaca.
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