Rogue Agent – How to Win

Winners Tips

First off, play as MSD because they have the highest total for base stats (165).

I like to prioritize [E] missions for the boost to Evasion, which makes it nearly impossible for opponents to hit you. I don’t fully understand the Tech stat, but sometimes opponents will win fights by having a higher Tech stat than you. You should target [T] missions occasionally, especially if no [E] mission is available.

Don’t forget you have a Safe House that can heal you. Eventually it will likely be destroyed, so make use of it early in the game if you take damage early. I don’t bother attacking other spy bases because I often fail to destroy it and prefer to get the stat increases each turn from regular missions. Keep in mind that initial missions give +10 to stats, but then upgrade to +20 after the first group of missions is completed by everyone.

Overall, let the enemies kill each other and avoid getting into direct fights until near the end of the game. If you get into a fight at a mission and take damage, choose a different mission next turn instead of risking a fight to the death. When enough missions have been completed by all players, there will be a single mission of each type with green boxes instead of white boxes. I like to go for the [A] mission when that happens because success means every other player loses 1 of their 3 health points.

I hope this helps you overcome the randomness of each round, but remember to be patient and that each round doesn’t take much time to complete, win or lose. Plus you get free country flags as Steam items you can sell just for continuing to play!

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