Rising Star 2 – How to Get First Manager

Tips to Hire First Manager

You should have an accessible manager (like in the 5-10 range in reputation) in your starting city or nearby by design. Actually you probably have several, they are quite common. Your popularity only needs to be half their reputation.

Once you start to rack up those wins, you can get your pop up fast. You can’t enter pub battles past 1.99 popularity but you can still participate. So tour your area to enter as many of them before you reach 1.99, easy-peasy wins. Same for clubs before 3.99. If you plan excellently, you can reach close to 10 pop only with battles.

Typically, with a new band, without trying too hard, I will get a first contract by summer/fall of the first year.

Self-distributed songs are free to be used for a record contract unless it has changed recently as now self-distributed records can chart. I don’t know for sure but my guess is you will still be able to use it.

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