Personal Study – Puzzle Tips

This is a bunch of hints with spoilers that may help you to solve some of puzzles.

Tips for Puzzles

First puzzle

You gave Sebastian the book to translate, he told you to collect those 3 stones. Where can you find them? Go back to the summon room, you should be able to go through previously locked doors.

Power stones and where are they

Just explore! Those power stones are red ones. You should take them to the summoning area and put them on the three statues.

Puzzle with a blue sphere and statue

After the found book with a demonic girl comes a puzzle with a blue sphere and statue you found some kind of stick by pixelhunting. If you have no idea how to use it: You should take a look at the torches in the hallway.

Shield puzzle

You’re looking for, it’s a glowing torch on the wall in the corridors, it’s slightly greener than the other ones. It’s the corridors leading out of the room with the shield dome.

As for the long object, it’s in the corridors up the stairs that open when you turn the torch. If you’re in the valve room that has the gear you need to stop, head up the stairs, take a left, and the staff you need is in a large pot just around the corner on your left side.

Misc. Tips

Stuck in a room with a dragon

One of the torches in the corridor can be moved to make a stairwell down.

Hint: You use the staff in the same room with the valves, if you take a minute to look at the machinery, it should become obvious.

How to find herbs

The game tells you to find herbs, but related content doesn’t exist yet.

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