Persona 5 Royal – Starting Tips

Tips for Beginners

Get Speed Reader book from school library on July 1st.

Most confidants require a visit to Mementos for their 8th rank so plan your visits accordingly.

Max out Temperance and Fortune confidants as fast as possible. Former allows you more free time to read and do stuff while latter can give you non-time consuming boosts to confidant ranks and social stats. So that you don’t have to waste a time slot on gaining relationship points if the confidant doesn’t have enough for a rank up.

Fuse and recruit new personas whenever you can as most probably you will be facing them on the next dungeons. Adding them to your compendium will show their weaknesses and resists.

Sun and Moon confidants don’t require matching personas for relationship points boost. They go up whenever you choose to meet them.

Keep sooty equipment you don’t really need until you unlock the Kichioji location on June. You can sell them for nice amounts of cash.

Don’t sleep on Billiards and Darts. They improve your technical damage and baton pass boosts respectively. After playing darts and billiards once other than the events, you can buy books and specialised equipment to further your ranks.

If an enemy doesn’t have weaknesses, try using status effects like sleep and confuse before hitting them with a specific attack to do Technical damage. Look up a wiki to see the technical damage combos.

Whenever you get fusion alarms, use the chance to fuse and itemize new personas. Be aware that accidents may happen so if you really want a fusion to give you a certain persona during an alarm, save first.

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  1. I noticed on my most recent playthrough that all or practically all of even current-tier sooty gear wasn’t as good as the unique items I found, and there were enough of the latter to keep everyone equipped. So I found no reason not to just sell all of it in Kichioji, and save Kawakami’s evenings to make coffee/curry.

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