Palia – World Map with POI’s

Map of Kilima

Points of Interest Map (POI’s)

  • A. Phoenix Shrine
  • B. Ormuu’s Horn Inn
  • C. Sifuu’s Blacksmith
  • D. Jel’s Fashion Store
  • E. Zeki’s General Store
  • F. Tish’s Furniture Store
  • G. Library
  • H. City Hall
  • I. Einar’s Fishing Hut
  • J. Mayor’s Estate
  • K. Daiya Family Farm
  • L. Dragon Shrine
  • M. Remembrance Garden
  • N. Ancient Library

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Palium Node Route

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Visual Fishing Checklist

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Beginner Tips


To enhance your skills effectively, ensure you eat meals or raw food to boost your Focus, which grants a bonus to all experience gained. For cooking tips, consult Reth at the Ormuu’s Horn Inn.


As you embark on your journey in Palia, you may encounter resources that require higher tier tools for harvesting or rare creatures difficult to catch with default tools. Consider upgrading your tools to enhance your adventuring experience.

Design Inspiration

Utilize collected materials like wood and stone to craft furniture for your home. Each crafted piece may inspire new recipes. Continuously build to create a cozy atmosphere with handmade furniture.

Refining Materials

After gathering materials, each Guild Leader offers upgrades to refine them into special items. For example, stone can be turned into Stone Bricks and lumber into Wood Planks. Regularly check in with the Guilds to expand your crafting capabilities.

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