Ostranauts – Profit Tips

Tips to Profit

  • Try looking at the prices of the kiosk and only get these parts of a derelict.
  • Turbopumps, RCS, and nav consoles are your best bet for making money early game… If you’re lucky, nuclear reactor controller.
  • Always repair up the stuff you are selling. If you need more parts hit another derelict and also don’t forget you can always disassemble stuff for their components.
  • Try hitting multiple derelicts per run and fill your ship to the brim.
  • Make use of crates and backpack to condense many of the small items and have them not litter your ship. Maybe even relocate a few of the 1×1 lockers and bins from derelicts into the gaps along the wall of your initial tin can.
  • Also, make sure everything you sell is repaired first.
  • Also also, you shouldn’t actually be selling scrap. you use that to fix things.
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