Millennia – Things You Should to Know

Here is the list of things that you should to know before you getting started.

Before You Start

  • Attacking wile holding down ctr doesn’t make the unit advance.
  • Holding down shift moves the map much more quickly.
  • Also, check the text of improvements carefully. It tells you that a caravansarai has to be built on desert, but in an indirect way through flavor text.

Hover, left-, and right-click everything to find useful stuff. Had a rough time finding how to build a Trading Post because it wasn’t showing in the lower left improvements menu for some reason (Click the hex to open a possible improvements box.).

CTL-Left-Click on units within an army to select a subset and attack with just those units. Great for units that will break morale and escape – save a fast unit to run them down.

  • Midden gives you +4 sanitation and +4 more if you have someone work it. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.
  • Buffs (from governments, innovation…) to improvements give passive resources, no need to work them in order to benefit from the buff.
  • Also, the Local Reform Culture Power does NOT improve the resources gained from consumed Goods.
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