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For Yakuza style you have 3 (4 in extreme heat) consistent ways of start a juggling on bosses. Those being:

  1. Light, Heavy, Charge Heavy.
  2. Light, Light, Light, Charge Heavy.
  3. Light, reverse Heavy, Charge Heavy.
  4. Light, Light, Heavy, Heavy, Charge Heavy (requires triple finisher skill, only useful in extreme heat).

For Agent, since the wire is useless you only have one consistent way of starting a juggle but it is one of the best ways. That being the 2nd hit of your regular rush combo when in extreme heat mode. You’ll need to instantly style switch that 2nd hit to get a juggle from it but it’s one of the most consistent and reliable methods of starting juggles against some of the more annoying bosses.

Since agent only has the 1 way of doing it, and it’s pretty simple, I’ll focus on those uses for Yakuza style more. The obvious and easy way of doing things is to abuse the super armour you have while charging attacks to blow through a boss’ attack and start a juggle. This is the easiest way, but the least reliable especially against the more agile bosses who will dodge out of the way more often than not.

To make this option more reliable remember to inflict the agony status effect first (purple mist around the head, easiest way to do this is to quickstep forward attack with yakuza style) as this will prevent the enemy from dodging properly. If you can space things out, the reverse heavy launcher is much more reliable than others for doing this as enemies don’t seem to understand how to handle the reverse attacks quite as well.

Another safer way to make use of that is using the drones. If you switch to Agent and call in your drones, eventually the boss will attempt to swat them away. When they do this, switch back to Yakuza style (make sure to do it as soon as you see them start swatting the drones as the drones disappear when you switch style, so you want to make sure they get locked into that animation before you switch styles).

If you do this correctly they’ll be locked into that animation for a short while letting you safely do a launching combo string (make sure to space it out so the first few hits whiff and the move that launches is the first one to connect so you don’t knock the enemy out of that swatting animation).

For both of those options keep in mind the triple finisher launcher I mentioned ONLY works as a juggle starter if you’re in extreme heat mode. Normally it has incredibly long recovery and you can’t cancel the animation by style switching meaning you get nothing from it’s launch, but since extreme heat mode removes limits on style cancelling you can use it as a combo starter.

Now the potentially strongest (at least from what I know so far) option is a bit harder to do and explain but is definitely worth learning. And that is the Knockback move in Yakuza style. When you hit an enemy with the knockback they get locked into a stagger animation. If you try hit them afterwards they will more often than not block the hit, but there is a setup that the AI doesn’t like very much. After the knock back you need to space yourself just right so that you can do a light, heavy, charge heavy where the light whiffs but the first heavy connects (which the opponent will block).

You should also partially charge the first heavy to delay the timing but not enough to make it break the block (this might not actually be necessary but I feel like it makes it more consistent, might just a placebo though). If you get the timing right then the AI will block the first heavy and then just kind of drop their block for the second charged heavy which will launch them. I don’t know why they do that but it makes the knockback a very useful tool for bosses (I would recommend getting the piece of armour that lets you block blade attacks if you don’t already have it so that you can make use of the knockback against bosses with blades for this setup).

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