Len’s Island – Tips to Improve Farming

Flowers outperform everything. Here some tips to improve your farming.

Improve Farming Tips

  • If you build you farm close to water or even in it you can water them without to have to refill your water can. (Standing in the water refills it)
  • Place the farms along the shoreline and you can always water 3 farms with one click by standing in the right spot.
  • You can skip the animation if you only want to water 1 or 2 or when all 3 are watered. Just dodge roll.
  • There is an item in the shop which lets you get more seeds, i was able to have 48 farms after a short time.
  • Make sure you go to bed as early as possible, flowers grow also while sleeping, so it speeds things up.
  • Later on you can automate it with waterpumps.
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