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Tips for Perks

There are benefits from leveling up perks. For example Berserker at lvl 5 start with a machete and at lvl 6 with axe and armor (Loses Armor on Sui/HoE) (I don’t remember if you start with armor before lvl 6 rn, long ago since I leveled up perks) and most importantly, you get discounts to buy weapons for the perk u are playing so it doesn’t make sense to buy an ak47 (a Commando weapon) when you’re playing Zerk or Medic.

There are some combos with offperks weapons for medic but that’s a little bit “advanced” and u dont have to worry about it since you are new to the game.

Also some useful info and tips

  • Every map has a “Spot”, is a place where u and ur team can stay safe defending every wave (You have to play more in order to learn Spots of every map), this game is not like l4d2 or call of duty to be running around the map killing everything you see.
  • Every perk has their own use, Fire is to clean up tiny zeds like clots, crawlers, stalkers, etc. Demo and Sharp are big zeds killer like Fleshpound and Scrakes since they can kill them easily.
  • Fleshpound recieve more damage from explosives.
  • Scrakes don’t have any kind of resistance, besides the 50% against xbow headshots at Suicidal and Hell on Earth.
  • If you struggle to kill them with explosives, probably you aren’t aiming or setting them right. Although explosives are powerful, you can not hope to overwhelm a Scrake with stray fire at Hell on Earth in 6 player as their scaled up health make them endure the damage.
  • Don’t play Berserker if you want to Spot with your team, the only maps where a Zerk may be needed to Spot are Clandestine, Hillbilly horror and some times Departed.

And of course enjoy the game. Don’t try to rush levels and everything, play at your own pace and discover everything you need to.

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