INDIKA – Beginners Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips for New Players

  • You can disable “Pixel” font and increase font size in the settings. That makes books a lot more readable.
  • You can change Field of View by changing FOV slider in the settings.
  • You can level up your character by praying in certain places and collecting stuff like books. Each will give you some points that you can later spend on upgrades in the “Progress” menu.
  • Press “F” to use your torch/flashlight. Very useful in some areas.

How to progress in the room for pray

To progress, you need to alternate between praying and letting the devil berate you.

The room expanding and contracting is required to cross the room.

A suggestion: walk to the edges where the room splits when it’s red, then pray to contract the room and cross the gap.

Then stop praying and see what has changed in the room. Continue from there.

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