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Pro Tip

Unlocking more cards has a negative impact on your ability to create a specific build.

If you are a new player, I strongly recommend that you do not buy cards from the promotions menu past “Monkey Brain”. Also do not claim any tasks that are unrelated to your target build. For example, if you want to have an unholy deck, then do not claim any tasks that are unrelated to unholy. The more you use unholy, the more unholy tasks you will unlock, which then snowballs until you have a good number of unholy cards.

When you unlock or buy a lot of cards of various types, it makes it impossible to achieve a specific build because of the amount of other cards competing to be drawn. This kind of sucks. I’m not sure of a good solution from a game-play perspective.

This really only applies if you are trying to have an optimal build to reach a high score or if you are trying to unlock certain achievements.

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