Guilty Gear Strive – Guide to Bridget’s Overdrives

So, Bridget’s overdrives in particular are rather specialized. There’s not a lot of reason to use them in combos over a roman cancel.

Bridget’s Overdrives

Loop the Loop (S overdrive)

It is only really useful for hitting people after you stick them to the wall OR, with 100 meter, you can roman cancel it to continue attacking since Roger still drops even after you cancel it, so you get a fancy mix on them (probably not worth it on AI bots, but people can get confused by this).

Return of the Killing Machine (H overdrive)

On the other hand, is great to use at a distance as a whiff punish or a way to get in on a zoner. Treat it like a super powerful fireball. It’s super plus on block and will let you chase it across the screen to get in their face. It’s also good if you wall stick your opponent at a distance too far to follow up with Loop the Loop.

Bottom line, tl;dr: I’d focus on learning to use Roman Cancels to make your own combo extensions.

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