Forever Skies – Starter Tips

Tips for Easy Start

  • You can hold shift to climb ladders quicker.
  • You can use E to dismount a ladder. Good for getting down even faster.
  • Food caught with insect catcher doesn’t begin to spoil until you pick it up.
  • Food cooked in the electric cooker doesn’t begin to spoil until you pick it up.
  • You can jump slightly higher with crouch-jumping.
  • Place bed next to fabricator so you can speed up crafting by sleeping.
  • You can place storage boxes outside on the catwalk.
  • You can use canned water in the electric cooker.
  • You regain health back quickly, so don’t worry about eating food that damages health or drinking dirty water.
  • Machine parts, electric elements and plastic scrap are crafted in batches of five. That is, it costs 30 synthetics to craft 5 plastic scrap.
  • You can drag items outside of inventory to drop them.
  • If you are low on space, get rid of medkits. They are useless.
  • You can cook rotten food to turn it into an overcooked meal. Rotten food stacks up to ten, but make sure to cook one at a time or the rest will be lost.
  • Simple lure is the only one worth crafting.
  • Expand your balloon as soon as you can. It expands your weight limit from 500 to 900.
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