Firestone: Online Idle RPG – Tips for Prestige

Useful Tips for Prestige

Each prestige, you will climb up to where you farm gold the fastest. This stage is sometimes referred to as the “farm stage”, and will be a few stages below the highest stage you can clear. For online farming, this will be the highest stage where 4-5 of your heroes in the party (or all your heroes if you have less than 5 in your party) can 1-shot the enemy.

For offline farming, it will be the highest stage where the total damage of all your heroes in the party is greater than the total enemy health for the wave.

The way prestige works is kinda like this: All your upgrades from research etc work towards filling a cup. Each time you prestige, you drink some of the stuff in the cup, which gives you more firestones and exp and causes you to level up.

This means that above level 140 (perhaps as high as ~400 now that there is an extended talent tree with research timer reductions), it really doesn’t matter when or how often you prestige (i.e. drink from the cup), as long as you do prestige sometimes, since more levels don’t help you unlock anything or research any faster (i.e. fill up the cup faster). If you prestgie really often, eventually the cup will run dry and you’ll be sitting there waiting for your research to catch up. If you never prestige, you’ll be able to empty the cup within a week or so with a bunch of prestiges.

Below that though, you want to level up as quickly as possible to unlock all the new features (and research timer reductions, if you’re active enough to make full use of them), since those actually help your cup fill up faster.

When exactly you prestige depends on a lot of factors – a general rule of thumb is to sit at the farm stage as long as your multiplier is climbing significantly, or the gold you would earn in the next ~2 hours (the time taken to climb back up to your farm stage after prestige) is larger than the total gold earned so far. When that’s no longer true, it’s a reasonable time to prestige.

Overall, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it – as long as you are prestiging sometimes or fairly often, the actual progress gained/lost from absolutely optimal prestiging is pretty negligible. It’s definitely less important than how much dead time there is between each research ending and the next one starting.

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