Fantasy Craft – Damned Place Tips

Here are some additional tips for the Damned place. Stay out of it until level 30 unless you like dying a lot.

How to Beat Damned Place

Success in the Damned place depends on preparation.

First follow the peasant breeches sale trick and make about 20 or even 40 breeches to sell to Gloria. 20 will get you about 19,000 coins which you will need to buy small vials and Anaconda potions. I don’t bother digging anymore to make vials. It’s just too much work and making money with cotton is much easier.

Avoid the wolf on the way to the Damned place. The fox is nothing to worry about. He doesn’t do any damage at your level. He’ll just damage your armor which you want pristene for the Damned place.

Don’t bother crafting a bunch of primitive equipment kits. They take up too much room.

Make sure you have the small leather bag with the 12 extra slots.

Bring 20 stone, 50 ropes and 20 sticks with you . That’s enough for 10 kits. You can craft them as needed. But keep one in inventory at all times in case you get ganged up on and your mask takes too much damage. Each fight takes off 25% of the mask’s health. 4 fights and it’s gone and so are you. Remember that.

I bring a couple of small campfires with me . I place one at the entrance and then one in the main cave when I get there.

Craft at least one advanced equipment repair kit for your armor and an advance weapons repair kit for your weapons. . I very highly advise buying the Town’s Grey armor blueprints for 5000 coins each. Just use the peasant breeches sale trick to pay for it.

The long sword is good for getting the first hit in, but I immediately switch to the arrow sword for speed. Does the same damage as the long sword, but has shorter range. I always seem to miss on the first hit with it.

Heal up fully after each fight and always, always check on the health of your mask after each fight. If it breaks, you’re dead. After a few fights check your armor and weapons as well.

You will probably need to go there at least two times. The first time use the small leather bag for the extra 12 slots. You’ll be getting quite a few blueprints and you want to collect as many flowers as possible. Don’t bother with much sulfur. Just get one stack of 50 so you can make alloy ingots.

The second time through you can bring the mule’s bag and mine to your heart’s content.

You won’t have as much space so you’ll need to manage that. You’ll need a lot of sulfur ore to make arsenic for the treated planks to open the Ruins.

Make sure that you have finished the quest that the governor gave you which gives you the blueprint for the research table. You will need that to make the necessary potions.

I bring 20 healing potions, 10-15 synthea’s crit potions, 10-15 Hit me Hard potions, and all the Anaconda’s kiss antidotes I can afford. You can’t craft them yet so you have to buy them in the market.

Synthea’s crits double your crit damage but only last 1 minute. Hit me Hard potions add 10 pts to your defense which is big. you can have both active simultaneously.

Before you go back the second time, make sure you craft an alloy pickaxe. It will make mining much easier and require less repair.

Once I’ve cleared most of the area outside the caves, I put all the stings, flowers and sulfur ores in the campfire by the entrance. They don’t disappear from the campfire so you can get them as your leisure.

Hug the right wall of the area. The place outside the caves is literally crawling with poisonous spiders and they can call for backup whenever you fight, so be ready for some tough double teaming.
Sometimes, even triple teaming.

Once I get to the main cave, I kill the occupants, I won’t say what they are for those who like surprises. Then I place the other campfire and put some healing potions in there. you’ll need them after you explore the other caves. There are seven and some nasties inside.

If you ever run out of space, you can learn the blueprints, although you’ll have to do it four times for most of them.

That’s all I can think of right now. Good luck.

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