Endless Sky – Things You Should to Know

Useful Advice

  • You can come to a stop by hitting shift and down.
  • You can un-equip an item by clicking “u” and it will go in your inventory.
  • If you shift click and deselect your ship, you can unload items onto the planet to store them.
  • You can land on uninhabited planets, and even “Park” your ships there as well as inhabited planets.

You can have your escorts hold extra loot by coming to a full stop, typing “g” to gather, then while looting the ship, type “i” and click the other tab to reveal the “Dump Cargo” button. Dump it, and your escorts should pick up all the gear if they have space.

  • Click “Trading”, then click sell all, and the button will then say “sell outfits”, making it easy to sell everything at once.
  • Every system seems to have a limit to how far a ship will chase you. If you fly away from the center, all ships will eventually stop following you.
  • If you have solar panels, or some type of ram scoop, staying close to the systems sun, or suns, will rapidly regenerate your energy (solar panels) or jump power (ram scoop).
  • On the map screen, in the upper left, you can click it and change the overlay to show what planets are hostile, or what faction owns each sector.
  • Take a minute early on to reset the controls of the game to how you prefer them on the keypad. I really wish I had done this much sooner, trust me, you will not regret it.
  • Hold down “J” until all of your ships are ready to jump, helping prevent them from dying one by one. OR, press “Shift + J” to jump together for the whole route.
  • You can repair your reputation with almost all factions by simply hunting pirates for awhile.
  • Raise your combat level to unlock many of the quests in the game.
  • If you are trying to capture ships, equipping your escorts with constant-beam-type lasers instead of projectile weapons will prevent further (potentially destructive) hits against your target after it has been disabled.
  • If you run out of jump fuel and there are friendly ships in the area, target one and press T, then request assistance. they will come by and give you enough jump fuel to jump once.
  • There are only three Pug Arfecta ships in the game. Two are for an escort mission, that once complete will not be available again. You may not want to pass this up.
  • Go to “preferences,” the “settings” tab. You can set “rehire extra crew when lost” to “on”.
  • Want your fleet to land on a planet when they arrive? Click a specific planet or station in the upper left of the “Ports” tab on the galaxy map, then “Shift + J”.
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