Dungeonmans – Book Tips (Spoilers)

Warning! This guide contains spoilers.

Tips for Books

Books meant to cost 5,399 gold pieces. They are meant to be overpriced, and they only vendor for a few copper.

Some spoiler tips on books:

Instead of consuming ones you find, turn them into the academy to upgrade the academy library (with the exception of the Deeds of Daring Do (or something like that). This does two things for you: as it upgrades, the librarian will offer to teach new graduates how to identify scrolls based on the current library level. Once the library level is maxed (I believe lvl 4) this option you get at the start of the game will have your character know how to identify every type of scroll in the game. Similarly if you upgrade the alchemist’s lab to max level, the alchemist will teach you how to identify all the potions in the game.

Along with free identification at max level, it will spawn 4 tables – each with a free book. The books you get from each table are random. But you basically get 4 free skill points each time you make a new dungeonman on that academy.

The best way get bonus skill points in hard to unlock skill trees is a special book called Deeds of Daring Do or something like that. I can’t remember the exact name. It is a very distinctive icon and name. The book glows unlike other books. This book just straight up gives you a Skill Point that you can then spend in anything. It only sells from a special vendor for like 63k or thereabouts – it can drop from monsters but is incredibly rare.

The absolute easiest way to unlock an Everythingsman (my personal nickname) is with lvl 10+ mans. When you reach level 10, you can retire at the academy to ‘teach’. If you do, your retired mans will teach a random skill tree that you have maxed (3 points) in. These retired teachers will always offer a different skill tree from the other teachers. They only every teach skill trees that have 3 points – meaning the few skill trees that only have 2 max points will never be offered. You will have to learn those skills via spending skill points.

Note for this to work, you have to have a new / unique skill tree for the teacher to teach (one that isn’t offered by existing teachers) when you retire. If you don’t, the teacher just gives you a random loot item at the start.

If you choose this route, make sure to stash all your loot in the academy vault before you retire so as to pass it on to the next mans.

Along with intentionally retiring at lvl 10+, anytime 10+ mans dies, he will return to the academy as a ghost teacher – and will again teach a random & unique skill tree (as long as you have a unique one fully skilled up when you die).

Eventually you will have enough teachers to have every single skill unlocked and at that point books are pointless.

There is some stat – I want to say it has to do with crafting chance at the blacksmith – that is 100% success rate once you’ve turned in 100 books. Once you’ve turned in 100+ books there is no reason to turn in further books unless you want to free up space in your bags instead of vendoring the books for a few measly coppers.

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