DAVE THE DIVER – How to Defeat Klaus (Shark Boss)

Defeating Klaus (Shark Boss)

Beat him first try, didn’t use my auxiliary tank. Used just a rifle version 3 level 2 with octopus charm and ecowatcher bracelet. Long range scooter for dodging. With that gun I killed him in think 8 shots, didn’t even need to reload. Think it was about 80 damage a shot, took 2 hits myself since I was just learning the attack patterns. Sniper rifle would probably be a better choice for the extra range with all of the ammo laying around.

My standard shark fighting method is boosted in this fight because of his ground charge. I dodge using the infinity symbol method, if he does a charge attack into the ground he seems to have a slower recovery. So popped him think twice off the bat, dodged a ground charge and got him 4 times, then hit him once at the end of a vortex, and got him the last time during his next charge.

The key for sharks is knowing your placement around the charges. Should be able to get 1 or 2 shots in during the charge up, 1 or 2 during the charge and 1-4 during their recovery for most of them, depending on your weapon. If you want to practice, I recommend the tiger shark with just a normal harpoon. It’s fairly average in all aspects as far as the pattern goes.

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