Dark Deception – Torment Therapy Tips

Tips to Beat Torment Therapy

  • Use primal fear and telekinesis but also the other 3.
  • If you want to actually master the level don’t use vanish.
  • The reaper nurses only lose you if you stun them so if one spots you be sure to have a plan on where to go.
  • As for the shock trap things, they only go off when you’re close to them. They aren’t like the spikes in deadly decadence and stranger sewers where they all go off at once every few seconds.
  • If you come across one or are being chased just run through it don’t try to wait it out or something because that won’t happen.
  • In zone 2, the reaper nurses only use the middle elevators so if you switch floors on the outside of the maze you might get some breathing room for a bit.
  • As for traps, just assume there’s one behind every door because there pretty much is.
  • Vince livings (the games owner) even said himself torment therapy has the most traps. Now for the boss fight.
  • All you need for power is tp (for switching ambulances) and primal fear (for stunning nurses).
  • If you stay on one ambulance too long they might not spawn on the other side so switch often.
  • Keep in mind that when this happens you might have to move back an ambulance.
  • The matron takes 6 hits to die so keep track if you feel like it’s taking a while.
  • Once you hit a nurse wait until you hear matron get hit because other wise when you move matron will follow and you’ll miss.
  • The escape sequence is pretty straight forward after that.
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