Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines – Cheats (Passwords)

Tired of searching through all the list of cheats? Then this is the right for you! This is a simple, straightforward and easy to read guide to cheats for the Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines game. Have fun!

How to Activate Cheats

It’s very simple, during the game hold Ctrl key and type PYROFOREVER. That’s how you activate cheat mode in game.


  • Shift + Ctrl + N – Skip mission.
  • Shift + Ctrl + X – Destroy everything.
  • Shift + X – Move the character to current cursor’s position.
  • Shift + V – Trace user.
  • Ctrl + I – Invincibility / Infinite ammo.
  • Alt + Y – Infinite ammo (Except for bombs).

Level Passwords

  • Level 01: Baptism of Fire – W2D4
  • Level 02: A Quiet Blowup / Discret Explosion – 4JJXB
  • Level 03: Reverse Engineering / Backward Throttling – ZDD1T
  • Level 04: Restore Pride / An Eye For An Eye – RFF1J
  • Level 05: Blind Justice – K4TCG
  • Level 06: Menace of the Leopold / Leopold’s Menace – MIR4M
  • Level 07: Chase of the Wolves / Hunting Wolves – 7QVJV
  • Level 08: Pyrotechnics / Fireworks – K99XC
  • Level 09: A Courtesy Call – AAAX1
  • Level 10: Operation Icarus / Icare Operation – JSGPW
  • Level 11: In the Soup – CMODD
  • Level 12: Up on the Roof / On the Roof – JGHD3
  • Level 13: David and Goliath – PUUWW
  • Level 14: D-Day Kick Off – WT348
  • Level 15: End of the Butcher – 139P0
  • Level 16: Stop Wildfire / Fire Halt – L9IPV
  • Level 17: Before Dawn – 5LIMV
  • Level 18: The Force of Circumstance / The Strength of Hazard – YJOJG
  • Level 19: Frustrate Retaliation / Frustated Revenge – YFCWJ
  • Level 20: Operation Valhalla – GDKWT

Controls (Keyboard Shortcuts)

  • 1 – Select the Green Beret.
  • 2 – Select the Sniper.
  • 3 – Select the Marine.
  • 4 – Select the Sapper.
  • 5 – Select the Driver.
  • 6 – Select the Spy.
  • 7 – Select characters that are guests.
  • C – Crawl, hit the dirt to avoid detection.
  • S – Stand and move faster.
  • +/- Zoom the camera in and out.
  • * – Normalizes view.
  • H – Pick up bodies, barrels and items on the ground.
  • X – Knife, this is for stabbing people.
  • G – Pistol, this is for (loudly) shooting people.
  • K – First Aid Kit, this is for healing (your) people.
  • Q – Release decoy (Green Beret), release the acoustic decoy to distract the enemy later.
  • I – Activate decoy (Green Beret), activate acoustic decoy to distract the enemy.
  • F – Shovel (Green Beret), use the shovel to hide in sand and snow.
  • M – Submachine gun (Driver), use this to (loudly) kill people.
  • T – Inflatable launch (Marine), release the inflatable launch to ferry troops across water.
  • D – Diving gear (Marine), submerge the diver underwater.
  • J – Harpoon (Marine), use this to kill people quietly.
  • J – Bear trap (Sapper), deploy this in the proper position to kill people.
  • B – Time bomb (Sapper), deploy the (mission based) time bomb.
  • A – Activate detonator (Sapper), activate the radio activated bomb.
  • E – Grenade (Sapper), use this to explode things & people.
  • W – Pliers (Sapper), use this in specific missions to cut through wire and fencing.
  • R – Snipe (Sniper), use this to kill people far away.
  • L – Poison (Spy), use this to kill people quietly so you can take their clothes.
  • U – Enemy uniform (Spy), use this to operate in plain sight.
  • D – Distract enemy (Spy), use this to distract enemies while in disguise.
  • Tab – Swap position of knapsack HUD left and right.
  • F1-F7 – Use multiple displays at once, great for tracking individual soldiers.
  • Ctrl + B – Display a summary of the mission briefing.
  • Ctrl + S – Quick saves the game to be quick loaded later.
  • Ctrl + L – Quick loads the game from last made quick save.
  • Alt + Left Click – Camera track the designated target.
  • Shift + Left Click – See enemy vision sweeping any given area.
  • Ctrl + Left Click – Fire artillery and mounted guns on tanks or APC’s.

Tips & Tricks

  • Quick save after every successful kill (i.e you’re sure that they won’t find the body)
  • The Sapper’s bear trap placed on the Green Beret’s noise generator is a perfect combination.
  • Sometimes leaving a body is a good idea. A soldier will usually run over to investigate, and will stand there staring at the body for several seconds before sounding the alarm, giving you ample time to stab him.
  • The Sniper has the least health. Be careful with him. Also, his rifle makes noise, probably as much as the pistol.
  • It takes 3 pistol shots to kill a soldier, so try to have at least 3 Commandos grouped together fire at the same time to kill a soldier instantly.
  • You can probably take out a patrol of no more than 3 men with pistols without dying if the sound doesn’t give you away.
  • Enemies notice when you use the bolt cutters to cut through a fence. They may not shout anything, but after staring at the hole for awhile they will sound the alarm.
  • The Diver can take out two man patrols by backstabbing the rear soldier and using the “J” hotkey to quickly switch to the harpoon gun and kill the other one.
  • In mission 4, after you hijack the tank, kill the guard across the train track bridge. Enemies will come to inspect his body, allowing you to mow them down as well. You can clear out a good portion of enemies that way.
  • You will on rare occasions have room to blow up the enemy barracks and still have enough explosives to clear a mission.
  • The Spy’s lethal injection must always be applied from behind.
  • The medkit is pretty much useless. 99% of the time, if you’re being shot at, just reload. You’re probably fucked anyway.
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