Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game – Basic Combat Guide

Here you can find top tips for the best combat in the Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game.

Hounds Tips for Combat Basics

I’m writing this because people keep asking why combat is so hard, and I myself had a lot of trouble in combat at the start of this game.

This is a very basic guide for new players who want the first step to not be frustrated in combat.

Step One: Accuracy

First character should have 10 perception if they have a gun. Accuracy is everything and unlocks special shots, burst fire, everything. If you can’t hit nothing else happens.

Step Two: Shooting people in the legs is good

Shooting people in the arms is good. Weapons have other attacks. They are cute. They dont matter if you can’t hit and they dont matter if you can’t kill the opponent before they kill you. A Bandit with 1 health shot in the torso can easily tear you apart because torso shots only cause stagger which reduces THEIR defense (in tiny bits) but doesn’t stop them shooting you.

Step Three: Melee is good

Melee breaks people out of cover. Take a melee guy with a club because he can Knockdown people, which causes their defenses to tank. This loops back to Step One and Two. Shotguns also break people out of cover and a shotgunner can shoot OUT of melee to hit other people with debuff shots as well.

Step Four: Focus Fire

Enemies in this game do not get slowed down (much) by raw damage. So 2 guys is better then 3 injured guys. Combo your fights with an leg shot or a melee knockdown into a burst or sniper fire. Its all about getting in damage.

Step Five: Hate the Arm. Hate the Leg

All parties should have a fast, high initiative guy with a couple fast shots who puts bullets into every sexy foot or hand he can see. Its the first rock that starts the avalanche but this simple step makes everything else just work. A Cool SMG Hero looks a lot cooler when he dumps his clip at 90% hit because his target is leg shot and knocked down.

Hope these tips help a little.

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