Breathedge – How to Explore? (Running Out of Oxygen)

Exploring Tips

Try to find an oxygen generator so you can get the blueprint for the oxygen station, which lets you craft and place an oxygen station anywhere you want so you can have a semi permanent oxygen source wherever you place one, although keep in mind they can run out of oxygen if used enough, after which you will need to refill them using an oxygen generator.

Their max oxygen capacity is 500 however so you should be able to use an oxygen station for a good while before needing to refill it. There’s a piece of debris closely behind the engineering shuttle you start the game in filled with a bunch of large mailboxes.

The mailboxes have a lot of durability so breaking them will take some time but they are likely to give you an oxygen generator as well as other really good items such as suitcases which are the main form of storage in the game. You’ll also need oxygen candles in order to craft an oxygen station.

Specific Tip for OP (Overpowered):

Down under starting shuttle you’ll meet locked door which opens when you craft a scanner. Inside is oxygen, extending the radius. And back behind the shuttle there’s above mentioned mail module wreckage.

Now facing out from starting shuttle, to the right and down you’ll find toilet. And a little further another. Somewhere there you should find yellow water and shawarma. That’s first jet booster/accelerator.

With all that you should be able to reach further and further. Eventually you come across the empty space in front of the starting shuttle, you’ll find a kindergarten module wreck and there’s a kids drawing on one wall. Inspect that, that’s your next oxy tank upgrade – double condom tank. What’s the message devs are sending here? dunno.

Anyway from then on, you should find the eye and have two ways – to the red paint area and through the cold area. Latest at this point you will need the oxy balloons to explore.

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