At Dead Of Night – Tips to Complete the Game

Here are some tips that can help you to complete the game.

Tips to Beat the Game

  1. When Jimmy leaves, wait 5-!0 seconds, then go up to the door, call Jimmy, and check the spyglass. If he comes from the direction you didnt want him to, wait again and call him again. When he passes by, wait 3 seconds, and get out and RUN. There is a very high possibility he will give chase, but if you click fast enough, you will make to a new room, the elevator, or the stairs.
  2. Dont be afraid. If Jimmy spots you, there will be a VERY obvious sound clue and your menu will turn red, then when the game considers you safe, it will turn white. Use this in a room to your advantage as you can see exactly when he is far away enough to walk safely. If he does spot you, enter the closest room out of his line of sight (the direction his eyes were looking when he saw you), if you are fast enough, he will walk by usually very quickly.
  3. Alternate hiding spots. If you hide in the bathroom when Jimmy enters and leaves, the adaptive AI tells him to check there next time, so you must hide in the closet next time. If Jimmy hides in the bathroom, either wait for him to despawn, or, if you have the key, SPAM THE DOOR. If you are quick enough, you will be able to lock Jimmy in, and have a straight beeline to your escape.

If all else fails, simply turn on the better subtitles in the subtitles category on the menu.

I hope these tips help and you beat the game soon!

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