Age of Wonders III – Manual Combat Tips

Manual Combat Tips for Newbies

My biggest tip would be to always be wary of flanking. It’s pretty rough in this game so make sure your units end up in places that they won’t be insta-killed by a couple low level units flanking them.

Also, some very general purposes for units:

Pikemen: Get to retaliate before the opponent hits them. Also they get a damage bonus vs flying and cavalry.

Flying and Calvary: Good for flanking and finishing off units so they don’t get retaliated, generally not good for front lines and taking the first hit, but their are some extra sturdy cavalry.

Support: Often get some sort of status effect with their attacks as they level up so hitting an opponent 3 times with a range penalty will have a higher chance to inflict that status effect. Often that effect might be more useful than the increased damage from hitting twice without the range penalty.

Ranged Attacks: Hitting twice at full damage does more damage on average than hitting three times at half damage because of the range penalty. Sometimes it might be worth it to step forward to get that full damage.

And finally:

Usually it’s better to step back just at the edge of the AI’s movement range, set your guys to defend, then let the AI’s units come to you. Sure they can charge and get the first hit, but then they are left open to flanking and their fast units will be out front and more vulnerable. If they won’t come to you, hitting them with some status effects or damage spells usually persuades them to attack.

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