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One that many seem to struggle with because they may have trouble recognising what the point of the puzzle is – is the Basic Symmetry type puzzle.

Tips to Daily Tidy

The ‘starting symbol’ for it is a crab claw – so if you get a Daily that has a crab claw symbol on the starting page just before the Daily Puzzle itself opens – then you know that it’s a puzzle of this kind.

The solving principles for those are quite simple: All double (mirrored) items placed anywhere you want but in mirrored positions to each other on each side of an imagined vertical centre line. Any ‘single’ items you place ON that imagined centre line. No items must touch.

  • The clock is something many people also find a bit hard (search term ‘clock’ will give you that, and it’s the same solving principle as in the main game).
  • The calendar/stickers – has specific help in the Guides section (and I’ll blatantly recommend my own postings on it as well).
  • For the constellations (patterns with stars – all cat poses) – use the PRO tip with Q and E to identify any stray interactable stars you may have missed, that’s usually the reason people get stuck on that one.
  • For the sorting puzzle type with 5 sets of items and colours – if you’re stuck it’s usually because of 2 sets of items very close in detail or in colour. Rocks of sliiightly different sizes, for example, or, say, very close shades of slightly darker blue and slightly lighter blue. That kind of thing. Mostly the items are very easy to tell apart in this puzzle type, so when once in a while one of the brain frying ones turn up, people can get confused.
  • For the symmetrical leaves one – sometimes leaves overlap so closely they can be hard to tell apart – a practical tip is to look for the leaf stems where they attach to the branches, rather than for the leaf shapes themselves. This one also can have very, very small details to look out for.

And in general: if you’re completely stuck – then posting a screenshot is usually your best bet for someone to be able to help you out (doesn’t work for the Clock one, obviously, but for nearly all types).

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