Zombie Shooter – Cheat Codes

Hard work: if it is not for you, there are always cheat codes and console commands. We will show you some cheats for the Zombie Shooter that will make the game easier and / or more fun!

Cheat Codes

Enter the following cheats for the desired effect during gameplay. Remember that codes do not work in gun mode.

  • cheate – Win current mission.
  • cheata – Gives 1000 ammo for all weapons.
  • cheath – Gives 1000 HP.
  • cheatm – Gives $50 000 money (only available in the shop).
  • cheatw – Gives all weapons (no stars).

How to Kill Final the Boss (Easy Way)

When you have killed all the enemies and only the boss remains don’t press the three buttons that initiate the electrical beam (if you activate the beam a new wave of enemies will appear).

Just go to the exit of the room and when the boss follows you trough the exit return to the big room just like you can see in the screenshot.

If you stay in that corner the boss will be trapped in the wall and cannot move or attack you, just equip magma mini-gun and shoot till he dies.

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