Zombie Shooter 2 – Cheat Codes

If you want Zombie Shooter 2 to be easier and want to use cheats then you have come to the right guide. We will help you activate cheats and get the necessary items and / or abilities in the game.

Cheat Codes

During gameplay enter the following cheats for the desired effect. Remember that codes do not work in survival mode.

  • stwnn – Complete level successfully.
  • cheath – Gives 1000 HP.
  • st1 – Gives 15000 HP.
  • st2 – Invincibility.
  • stammo – Gives some ammo.
  • ammomax – Maximum ammo.
  • allweapons – Every weapon.
  • stexp or cheatexp – Adds enough EXP for new level.
  • cheats – Adds 50 to the speed skill.
  • cheatw Adds 100 skills of weapons reloading.
  • stkk – Kills all monsters withing radius of 1000 pixels from the character.
  • stk9 – Kills all monsters on the map.
  • stgod – Makes all skills (except perk) 100 or 200 sequential, adds 50000 money.
  • stm or cheatm – Adds 10 000 money.
  • remgamma – Remove gamma on the level.
  • stshop – Download shop on the level.
  • stmus[num] – Turn the number of tracks.
  • stmusstop – Stop current track.
  • stat – Turn on/off current statistics.
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