Wytchwood – Recipes

In this guide you will find all recipes for the Wytchwood game.

All Recipes

Mending PoulticeForest Herb x2, Hagshroom x1
Empty JarClay x3, Campfire Ember x1
Unveiling PowderHagshroom x1, Seeker Vine x2, Impeye Nut x1
HearthseedImpeye Nut x1, Flower Petal x2
Snap TrapImpeye Nut x1, Wickerwork x1
Soporific MorselSoporific Potion x1, Meaty Morsel x1
Bait StickToxic Thistle x1, Twig x1, Meaty Morsel x1
Smoke PelletFrog Slime x2, Forest Herb x1, Clay x3
Digestive TabletSnail Shell x3, Eye of Newt x1, Goblin Snot x1
Protective TalismanWicked Gemstone x1, Magic Paste x1, Wickerwork x2
SnagvineSeeker Vine x3, Sewing Kit x1
CinderboxCampfire Ember x1, Rodent Lard x1, Firefly x3
SnackrificeSoporific Potion x1, Roast Beast x1, Magic Paste x1
Royal IncenseSmoke Pellet x1, Witch Spice x1, Soporific Potion x1
Shiny LureShiny Stone x1, Firefly x2, Wickerwork x1
Glitter BombEmpty Jar x1, Soot Sprite x2, Flower Petal x3
Purification WaterGhostly Ectoplasm x1, Jar Of Water x3, Forest Herb x2
Skeleton KeyGrave Bone x3, Mummified Head x1, Iron Nail x1 (not Skeeter Snoot)
Key to my HeartLove Potion x1, Skeleton Key x1
PluckpocketGrave Bone x1, Crab Claw x1, Pickpocket’s Glove x1
Acidic UnguentWyrd Water x1, Algae x4, Potion of Blight x1
Tidal TinctureWyrd Water x1, Skipper Scale x2, Soothing Rune x1
Fishing LineReedy Twine x1, Iron Nail x1, Hopper Leg x1
Crab TrapBarnacle x1, Wickerwork x2
Puzzle BoxChangeling Root x2, Iron Nail x2, Seashell x1
Cat TreatFish x1, Jar of Milk x2
Feline CurioCat Treat x1, Witch Spice x1, Stuffed Birb x1
Prestidigitation DeckGlitter Bomb x1, Shiny Lure x1, Skipper Scale x2
Restorative IdolMandrake Root x2, Necromantic Charm x1, Mending Poultice x2
ArachnicideSoot Sprite x1, Potion of Blight x1, Lethe Cap x3
Spirit SaltsEmbalming Salts x3, Unveiling Powder x1
Soothing RuneSpirit Salts x1, Soporific Potion x1, Cobblestones x3
Exorcism CharmWickerwork x1, Black Rose x1, Bat Wing x2
Bottled DespairSpectral Tears x1, Mandrake Root x3, Wyrd Water x1
Dreadful DollGrain x3, Hopper Leg x3, Sewing Kit x1
Haunted MannequinDreadful Doll x1, Mummified Head x1, Ghostly Ectoplasm x1
Spirit BoardGrave Bone x1, Necromantic Charm x1, Wicked Gemstone x1
Melting PotCinderbox x1, Spicy Pepper x2, Red Feather x2
GlamourMimic’s Toe x1, Totemic Moondrop x1, Foggy Perfume x1
Truth SerumUnveiling Powder x1, Crowsfoot x1, Chilled Mushroom x3
Floral WreathLazy Grass x2, Wickerwork x1, Rainbow Roll x1
Snow SnareIce Berry x3, Reedy Twine x2, Iron Nail x2
Frozen TreatSoporific Morsel x1, Frostling Snow x1, Chilled Mushroom x3
Touch of ColdFrostling Snow x2, Bottled Despair x1, Metamorphosis Elixir x1
Goat PerchCobblestones x8, Magic Paste x1, Shiny Lure x1
Avian LexiconRed Feather x2, Stuffed Birb x1, Blood x1
WickerworkReedy Twine x1, Twig x2
Soporific PotionLethe Cap x2, Jar Of Water x1, Impeye Nut x1
Magic PasteDragonfly Wing x1, Fairy Dust x1, Jar of Milk x1
Wyrd WaterJar Of Water x1, Hagshrooms x2, Bug Ichor x2
Apothecary HumorsBlood x3, Bug Ichor x3, Frog Slime x3
Necromantic CharmPumpkin Jack Bone x1, Blood x2, Wickerwork x1
Sewing KitReedy Twine x2, Skeeter Snoot x1
Witch SpiceHagshroom x2, Impeye Nut x2, Forest Herb x2
Roast BeastMeaty Morsel x4, Witch Spice x1, Campfire Ember x3
DoughEggs x3, Grain x5, Jar of Milk x2
Humble PieRoast Beast x1, Dough x1, Crowsfoot x2
Rainbow RollImpeye Nut x2, Dough x1, Glitter Bomb x1
Moonlight GlobeShiny Stone x2, Totemic Moondrop x1, Glitter Bomb x1
Wicked GemstoneCampfire Embers x3, Shiny Stone x4, Dog Hair x1
Metamorphosis ElixirDryad Fruit x1, Bug Ichor x3, Changeling Root x2
Growth PotionApothecary Humors x1, Magic Paste x1, Flower Petal x3
Potion of BlightToxic Thistle x3, Lazy Grass x3, Eye of Newt x1
Stuffed BirbPigeon’s Beak x1, Mimic’s Toe x1, Blue Feather x2
Allergenic PotpourriDog Hair x1, Cat Hairball x1, Rat Tail x1
Foggy PerfumeSmoke Pellet x1, Witch Spice x2, Ghostly Ectoplasm x1
Oceanic OilBarnacle x4, Algae x10, Deep One x1
Love PotionBlack Rose x5, Dryad Fruit x1, Oceanic Oil x1
Alchemical AlloyFox Fur x1, Gold Coins x5, Puzzle Box x1
Silver BulletAlchemical Alloy x1, Melting Pot x1, Moonlight Globe x1
Porcine EffigyDough x1, Wickerwork x4, Haunted Mannequin x1
Big StickGrave Bone x4, Twig x5, Iron Nail x6
Magnum BrowbeaterBarnacle x5, Wicked Gemstone x1, Big Stick x1
Lashmaster 2000Rat Tail x3, Skeeter Snoot x2, Pumpkinjack Bone x1
Lucky StropRabbit Foot x3, Goblin Snot x1, Gnome Hat x1
Magi-Sharp XLTurkey Gizzardstone x2, Cobblestones x5, Lucky Strop x1
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