Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Spirit Attack, Martial Arts, Deflect Counter Attack

When is the Best Time to Use These Skills?

Spirit Attacks kinda useless most of the time if you have a decent martial art to replace them. The only time when they matter is when you’re using them for finishers.

Martial Arts depend entirely on the move. They either have some utility (block frames, gap closer etc) or is simply better than spirit attacks.

Both are unblockable and landing either of them when you have a positive spirit bar will shave away enemy max spirit, so you need to abuse them.

Deflect Counter Attack is interesting. What I don’t ever see mentioned is how they recover all your negative spirit in one parry and puts the bar in neutral, so they are useful if you are in a really bad spot and don’t fancy trying to parry a whole chain to reset yourself.

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