Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Basic Tips to Fight Bosses

Tips to Defeat Bosses

Hold guard and try to read all enemy normal attacks

  • Great thing is you can actually guard in this game unlike Elden Ring. You don’t took chipped damage either so be patient and guard. However, guarding so often will cause the guard gauge became full and your guard will break BUT if you can deflect one blow the gauge will decrease so that you can guard again. Sounds fair huh?

You won’t do much damage which normal attack so don’t rush

  • Look for chances to deflect a red attack. This is the hardest part because not everyone is good at timing. You have to do it yourself. If you find it too much then try looking for some gameplay on utube. Watching people beating bosses can actually help because it will spoil the boss’s attack patterns and how player can get away with it.

Another major tip

  • Elemental resistances matter more than raw defensive numbers, especially on enemies that use those attacks.

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