Wizardry: The Five Ordeals – Useful Tips and Tricks

After having beaten all five official scenarios (and now playing a few user-made scenarios such as Abyss of the Ancient Relics), I’ve learned a few tips and tricks which I share here, Note that these are just my tips for myself, and maybe not your favorite strategy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Only do class change after a mage/priest becomes level 13, after that level, he will learn all level 7 spells even if he changed his class.
  • An exception to the rule is if you don’t have enough lucky dice (or patience for a few hours of hard work, lol) in making a Samurai or Lord character, later when a Fighter becomes enough status, I change him to a Samurai or Lord.
  • My favorite starting party is Good-Fighter (or if I get enough lucky, Lord), G or N-Samurai, G-Priest, N-Thief (Elf or Gnome), G-Mage (Elf or Gnome), N-Mage (Halfling!).

The last one would require an explanation. I will eventually class change the G-Mage to a bishop, and the N-Mage to a thief (and in exchange, the other thief will change to a mage), and the most important status for a thief is Agility and Luck for finding/removing traps, so I choose a halfling for that.

I don’t think the priest requires to class change. Usually, I just use him until the very end, but if the scenario is a long enough game (such as the 3rd scenario, Devoid of Apotheosis), I change him to a Lord or a Samurai.

  • Also in connection with the previous tip, I don’t use a bishop as the starting member, which would be contrary to the common favorite, but I don’t see any merit to have him in the battles. Even if he becomes level 13, he would be still useless to the later enemies, while the same level mage can cast TILTO..ouch!… nuclear blast, he can only cast a level 3 or 4 group spell.
  • But I make a bishop as a supporting character, and I will have him waiting on the tavern. At least, in the beginning game, he would be useful for identifying items that the main characters found in the dungeon.
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