Winter Memories – Fix for File Missing (PNG Files) Error

How to Fix

Here is how I’ve solved the problem. It might not work for you but at least it did for me.

  1. Completely remove the game.
  2. Don’t install the game right away. Right click on the game on the library menu, and set the laguage to Japanese.
  3. Now install the game.
  4. After you finished installing the game, run the patch.
  5. After the patch, run the game.

Hope it helps!

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  1. A better fix may be to manually go to the file the images are stored and check for typos in the file name that the game is mentioning. In particular found this to be the issue for the error with regards to some image files for Miyuki, it was misnamed as Mizuki. as soon as
    I changed that and hit retry in game everything was fine. Really didn’t wanna close cause idk when I’d last saved and it wasn’t letting me save while the error was happening

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