Wartales – How to Make Money

Making Money Guide

Buy 3 shackles from the prison. Capture outlaws during fights and turn them in at the prison for good money (and eventually fame too). Try to pick up vanquish contracts from the tavern and combining it with this.

On top of that have one of your starting 4 characters be a miner. Hit the salt mine, and the mine with bandits in it in Tiltren every few days. Craft that into stuff (whether you need it or not) and sell the extras, as well as selling any gems you mine.

Pick up other materials you see along the way and craft, again. Sell the stuff you don’t need. It all adds up.

Don’t worry about saving too much stuff and overloading your limited carrying capacity. Use what you get to level your skills and sell what you produce if you aren’t going to use it. You can always mine more, pick more flowers, chop more lumber etc. and even buy these mats from traders in the future once your gold is starting to pile up if you really need more for a specific thing you want to craft, or quest to complete.

You don’t need to expand your roster of mercs and animals that much early on. Wait till you feel stable income wise before expanding. And usually expand with the idea of filling both a combat role, and a profession role at the same time with one mercenary for your team.

Once you have about 1500-2000 gold saved you can buy 3 more ponies (all work pony spec) and buy your way into the neighboring counties then start trading. Buy trade goods, and start running them around the map. This is where you can really start to make money.

If you don’t enjoy the trading thing, then you don’t have to do that for money. You can still keep making money the same ways as before. Just don’t overdo it on the size of your army. More mouths to feed, more wages to pay isn’t always the best.

Other tips to limit your spending:

  • Cooking food makes it more efficient, and thus you end up spending less.
  • Using skills like the hunter shot that knocks back and slows to deny an enemy from hitting you (always click on the enemy and hover over the move skill to see where he can make it in range after that, and avoid that area so this enemy doesn’t hit anybody), or the pikeman’s spearwall to deny an enemy their turn, and thus damaging your armor saves on repair bills and using raw materials to repair.
  • Prisoners can work for only the price of food, no wages. You can assign them to cooking, mining, etc. and keep them around for a day or so while you do that without fear of them running away, then sell them to the prison and gather a new one to do that task for you the next time you need it. Rinse, repeat. If you manage to capture them earlier in the day, you can do your tasks with them and get back to the prison before you even have to feed them.
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